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Local & Nationwide Design Services

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Local & Nationwide Design Services

Call/Text: (574) 780-6144



Jessica Shafer is native to Rochester, Indiana and has been a small business owner of Mixed Medium Design since 2016. Her fascination for computers at an early age was the blossom to her passion for design and art, paving the road to where she is today. Jessica studied Studio Art at Indiana University in Bloomington and Indiana University South Bend. Jessica also works at the local music store, The Record Farm as well as a graphic designer for RAD Entertainment.


By focusing on Graphic and Web Design, she creates projects like logos and business cards, websites, advertising, signs and flags, decals and stickers, and apparel  along with mixed medium projects. She is able to provide custom and professional design services to those local and nationwide.


In addition to her love for design, Jessica and photographer Shelby Lopez founded Digital Wolf Network in 2018; a media entity that includes Digital Wolf Magazine and Digital Wolf Podcast. Whether you prefer to read or listen, the focus is on art, community, and collaboration while highlighting the inspiring unique abilities and contributions of creative individuals from all walks of life. 


She remains a huge advocate of supporting mental health and substance use awareness, being a patron of the community, and encouraging others with art and design. The Community Art Project and Covid-19 Connected are two organizations she is involved in that support Art Awareness.

Jessica Shafer

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