Creative Consulting

Don’t have time? Don’t have the experience? Hire a Creative Consultant! 

Mixed Medium Design provides hands-on experience with creative direction and design consulting for your small business. We educate businesses and individuals by providing feedback and creating a plan for your project to help increase business. By having an eye for organization, we can keep each platform consistent and current while adding in the newest tech culture. To Identify opportunities and ensure future success, we set goals and schedules along with continuous education if requested. Your goals and objectives will become ours. Creativeness is our specialty and Mixed Medium Design puts in the research and combines that with our experience to create a project plan. We must work together to ensure your page always has relevant and consistent information.

Creative Consulting is a simple and effective service to reach people not only locally but nationwide. However, it can be a daunting task to keep accounts consistent and be successful at reaching a target audience. By allowing Mixed Medium Design to help manage your accounts, we can keep each platform consistent and current while adding in the newest tech culture. With our experience we will keep your audience interested and engaged with your page. Every small touch means something to your customers allows them to connect to your business on a deeper level

  • Gives your account one consistent voice to your brand

  • Keeping your customer engaged

  • Ensure you stand out in the market

Consulting Fee $65/hr. - In person or online meeting

Project Consignment 15% on outsourced projects for planning, organizing, research, ect.

Target Small Business, Self Employed, Artists, Creators

Email or Call/Text Jessica to book a consultation: | (574) 780-6144. Or book online below!

What to expect with creative consulting for a new or existing business

  • Giving creative advice when it comes to marketing and design. Not a financial consultant. 

  • Graphic Design/Marketing (Logo, Business Cards, Website)

  • Consulting on Branding

  • Designing a plan for web design with maintenance (if requested)

  • Account credentials 

  • Consistent username, tagline, and description

  • Application consulting (Wix and Google)

  • Setting up a Google account for digital organizing (Email, photos, drive, GMB)

  • Where to advertise (social media, google, email campaigns, posters, radio)

  • Social media management (posting and updating the page, maintaining current information)

  • Put together a team to execute the plan if outsourcing a project, schedule the appointments. Connect different contractors for the project. Get quotes. (What type of team it takes (editor/writer, photographer, market/sales, pusher, designer, printer)


1 Hour sessions vs 2 hour sessions

  • 1 hour: Where is your business at with branding? 

  • 2 hour: Create a plan based on your business needs and execute with due dates.



  • Taught classes.

  • Consultation meetings.

  • Putting together a team and delegating tasks.

  • Scheduling appointments for multiple people and setting up interviews.

  • Organizing, designing, and maintaining information.


Mixed Medium Design recognizes that the information collected is often highly sensitive material and has adopted the highest regard for our client’s information and will ensure that such information is kept private and never published in a public space or domain. All information that is supplied or shared to Mixed Medium Design by or with the client, including but not limited to: passwords, e-mails, account credentials, etc. will not be disclosed to anyone but the client, Mixed Medium Design or specified individuals.


As a client, you assume full responsibility for all services provided by Mixed Medium Design and that full payment is due on your specified due date.