Digital Wolf Network

The Digital Wolf Network is a Rochester, Indiana based media entity that includes Digital Wolf Magazine and Digital Wolf Podcast. Working in conjunction with these outlets, the network continues to grow as a web presence that facilitates and encourages collaboration and provides a source of outreach for like-minded people.

Jessica Shafer and Shelby Lopez are the founders of the company. With a focus on art, community, and the benefits of creative synergy, the Digital Wolf Network continues to expand its reach organically across different mediums.

Living in a digital era we have EVERY opportunity to be successful, and knowing how to work together and supporting each other gives us the freedom to create anything we set our minds to. Digital Wolf Network exists to emphasize collaboration, to support local businesses and talent, and to build up our community by highlighting some of its truly unique members. 


Digital Wolf Magazine

Digital Wolf Magazine has produced print and digital content since 2018, highlighting the inspiring unique abilities and contributions of creative individuals from all walks of life. 

The magazine was produced to showcase creative people worldwide in their specific medium. Each person featured is designated a Creative Native; someone who possesses a skill they use to create for leisure, profit, community projects, or fundraising. 


Our hope to inspire others to collaborate and not be afraid to expose your own contributions and uniqueness to the world. These interactions give us the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the personal lives exposing the unique paths of each individual while taking a journalistic approach to share their stories.

First Edition
2nd Edition

Digital Wolf Magazine | Six Sense | 4th Ed. | October 31, 2020

Everything we know, we experienced through our senses.

Sight. Sound. Smell. Taste. Touch. These are the receivers of consciousness, capturing the signals that help us to give name to our perceptions of the world around us. These amazing mechanisms of the human body are shared across our species, but still contribute to the uniqueness of every individual.

As we grow, our senses tend to take a backseat to more formal learning processes, yet they continue to enrich every part of our lives whether we are conscious of it or not. Appreciation of music, of art and literature, of fine foods, and so much more- including the desire to expand our horizons, is fueled by our ability to appreciate things through our senses.

In this issue of Digital Wolf Magazine, we want to stimulate those senses by introducing you to people whom regularly engage those perceptions as a part of their work and creative personas. And then, we take you beyond by exploring the extrasensory with those who share insights that straddle the known and the unknown.


Digital Wolf Podcast


A natural extension of the company, Digital Wolf Podcast launched in early 2020 to literally give a voice to the Creative Natives and upcoming content for magazine editions and featured subjects. Interesting backstories, interviews with ‘Creative Natives’, and upcoming plans for the Digital Wolf Network make up the topics featured in each episode. 

Bi-weekly | Thursdays | Launches at 6:00PM (Listen Here)

Podcast Hosts:

Jessica Shafer, Shelby Lopez, and Paul Zartman (Editor) 

Recording Studio Host & Sponsor:

Wroi 92.1 Giant fm | Rochester, Indiana

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