Fulton County H.O.P.E.

Fulton County H.O.P.E., Inc is a directory of resources and people who are aiming to help those in need of help. The help could be substance use, mental health, poverty, or any type of help you need, this group will do it's best to help you find it locally.



Being involved with Fulton County H.O.P.E. has shown me that there are so many out there struggling and many are afraid to reach out or do not know how. There are many stigmas involved when it comes to these sensitive topics. My hope is to help by providing design services to spread the word, and be an advocate for someone who needs a voice. This group cares about those in need and have created a network to help someone who is struggling.

For this organization I am their web designer and maintain it on a monthly basis. I've created occasional flyers and designed the logo contest when the group was first beginning.

“Stigma is our biggest killer & a significant barrier to addressing addiction.” — VADM Jerome M. Adams, M.D., M.P.H. , Surgeon General of the U.S.

The stigma of dealing with the effects of substance abuse and mental health issues can be just as daunting as the issues themselves. Stigma is even credited as a factor that contributes to the severity of the problem, and as an obstacle to recovery. As a part of Fulton County HOPE, we believe that art- in whatever form it takes- can change the conversation and be a bridge between those struggling with recovery, and the communities they might feel alienated from.

It is our goal to create an art project related to substance use and mental health issues, and are inviting Creative Natives to help by putting their talents to the task. If you can sculpt, paint, write, dance, sing- or whatever- we can use your help. If your medium is digital art, video, photography, or something completely unique, we will be willing to accommodate your vision if you are willing to share it.

Individuals interested in participating are encouraged to produce their own work, or they can be paired with an artist who can bring their creative expressions to life. Art liaison Jessica Shafer will be enlisting a roster of professional artists who have enthusiastically volunteered to work on this project. These artists can be coaches, collaborators, editors, or contribute to the specific needs of the works in their various stages.

Initially, works will be unveiled and displayed at the Rochester Public Library (date TBD), and a few regional galleries have already expressed interest in exhibiting art that results from this project.

Pat Brown is the lead of the Substance Use/Mental Health group under FC H.O.P.E. He reached out to me about helping with this project because of the network my team and I have built. We have many volunteers wanting to help others share their story in the form of their medium.

Listen on Digital Wolf Podcast: an art project that has now come to the Fulton County Area: https://www.digitalwolfnetwork.com/podcast/episode/1c86b5a8/ep-3-community-art-project

Join on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fchopeArtProject/?source_id=456872198006702

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