Rad Entertainment

Rad Entertainment is an Indiana based multimedia production company with a focus on independent movies as well as music videos, commercials, photography and graphic design. Rad Entertainment also operates two international film festivals, Midwest Action Fest and Midwest Horror Fest.

"Our mission is to bring your creative vision to life with passion, perseverance and professionalism. From the script to the screen, we'll make your project one to be proud of. Allow us to figure your budget, build your team, launch your campaign, create your art and have a genuinely Rad time."



Jessica Shafer joined the team as a graphic designer with Rad Entertainment. She designed the press kit and cosplay contest designs showcased below.

Becoming part of the team means a lot to me as a creator. It's about being a part of something you know is much bigger. It is something you know you can't do a lone. The project was kept under wraps until February 21st.

To prepare for the big event, I received an air tan from Ten Penny Nails (Carla Smiley) and my nails freshly painted with black sparkles and splatters of bright blue to match my hair by Kimberly Greenof Total Body Works! Bright and early on the morning hairstylist Chelsi Sparks and Make-Up Artist Jessica Border brought their tools and transformed me in the punk professional theme created by the directors of the company. We all have businesses located at Total Body Works Day Spa.

I wish I could have captured Jessie doing my hair while Chelsi was curling my hair telling me that great things were going to happen today. The team, and friends that surround me are incredible! Never thought I'd enjoy having glitter glue in my hair..

Once the conference started, it was a lot of meet and greet at the Black Dog Coffee Shop in Logansport, Indiana. This place was amazing. The area where we met and held the meetings through out the day was surrounded by old and new books. The walls were old brick and gave the atmosphere and vibe a unique surrounding.

Other group members helped with set up, photography shots, and keeping us on task. Vibrant Events catered for the meeting at dinner and it was delicious!

The coffee shop area was filled with re-purposed decor! The owner has plans of creating it into a dual shop as a makerspace as well. There is a workshop in the back that was really neat to walk around. In the front of the coffee shop is a store of handmade crafts, and more! I purchased 4 books and a print painting of Brett Manning Art.

Meeting the rest of the crew that could attend was a great was to get to know each other. We spent many hours mingling, joking, brainstorming, learning, and enjoying each other's presence. I'm looking forward for what is still to come! Thank you to everyone that made me feel powerful on a special day!

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