Round Barn Lab

From July 2018 to January 2020, I sat on the board of the Round Barn Lab serving as the organization's secretary and co-designer. The logo design was inspired by a photo taken by another group member that was of an aerial view of a round barn at the Fulton County Historical Museum. At a board meeting, the group suggested a steampunk, and industrial style logo.

The president Joshua Zehner made a 3D print of the logo and I then painted it the color of the logo. The collaboration behind the whole project was an awesome experience.

Along with graphic design, I created the design layout of the website:

There were a few workshops I helped lead like Tshirt & Tote Bag Designs, Cricut 101, and Wood Sign Painting. I really enjoy these courses and will still continue to be an advocate and supporter of the organization and the maker movement!

This group came together to help provide a place for others to be makers and to build local support, opportunities, and a new form of enjoyment to the community. The makerspace is dedicated to helping makers, designers, creators, and entrepreneurs bring their vision of a new product to fruition, translating an idea into a tangible, manufactured item.

Round Barn Lab first met in July of 2018 and have been meeting regularly since then. Officers have been elected and we have began identifying stakeholders in the community to further help us along. In a collaboration we have received our 501(C) 3. designation; an official not-for-profit. Each board members comes from different backgrounds and have different occupations, but all deeply believe in this makerspace.

Makerspace movement is not new to Indiana but making its way to Rochester, Indiana. As we gain enough members our hope is to gain more equipment for everyone to use as large as woodworking and welding equipment to 3D printers and crafts. Instructional courses will be offered for specific equipment. Community feedback is important help us understand what members want. Providing an outlet, safe space, or additional work space to create is something we are striving for.

A makerspace is a central location that provides a variety of tools in a learning environment for youth and adult residents of Fulton County. It is a safe space that allows an individual to freely express themselves to do real and meaningful work. It is a hands-on place to collaborate, educate and create with other members. This workshop provides the opportunity to use tools someone may not have access to. A place for businesses to educate their employees and use the space for interviewing purposes. A place to foster growth in the community while supporting local businesses and eateries.

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